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Date Night Experience

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Date Night Experience

Have Fun Times As A Couple

Date Night Experience is just what it implies: The experience of going on a date with your sweetheart. We do the hard work for you. We plan the event. All you do is sign up and come for the fun! Some events require you to bring something. All events are open to married, engaged, or dating couples of all ages.

At the Date Night Experience we want you to relax and simply connect with your sweetie as you create wonderful memories together. Why not treat your relationship to something extra special and join us at the Date Night Experience events?

You can find out more about upcoming marriage ministry events by visiting our events page or email Pastor Cindy to receive information monthly.

Scholarships available

If you would like to receive a scholarship to participate in a Date Night Experience, please contact Pastor Cindy at

Phone: 763-421-8080.